When Seconds Count, Equipment Matters


Respond quickly and reliably with SlideMaster

Customize with slide-out trays, tool boards, tip-down slides, or our other options designed to fit any compartment or application. Every SlideMaster is custom-built to fit the needs of you and your rescue vehicle.

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Tip Down Slides

Make use of higher storage compartments by safely bringing your gear into reach.


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Single Direction Slides

Get the gear you need in a hurry without reaching or crawling into your compartment.


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Dual Direction Slides

Save time running around your vehicle by accessing slide from either side.


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Slide-Out Steps

Slide-Out steps help you reach everything on your rescue vehicle.


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Tool Boards

Hang your gear on a variety of materials to use vertical space where available.


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You have a job to do. Respond quickly and safely with SlideMaster

Our emergency vehicle slides have enabled fire, patrol, medics and other emergency personnel to work smarter with less hassle for over *30 years*. We offer a wide range of steel and aluminum models with weight capacities ranging from 200 to 2,500lbs, and extensions from 70-125%. With SlideMaster, get to the tools and equipment you need in a fraction of the time.

Any vehicle, any tool, any application

There’s a tool for every job, and a SlideMaster for every tool. We offer dual direction slides in steel and aluminum for transverse compartments, heavy-duty full extension slides for those long hose compartments, and tool boards to hang even your heaviest hydraulic tools. And when manual operation doesn't cut it, make the job even more efficient with electrically powered slides in both steel and aluminum. With the capability and experience to custom-build, we’ll make sure all of your gear is always easy to access.

Built to last!

With a limited lifetime warranty, you can rest easy knowing your slide is going to work today, tomorrow, and years down the line. In the unlikely event you do experience a problem, we stand behind our products and will get you back into action with minimal downtime.


Because seconds count, we make grabbing equipment fast

Accessing your equipment has never been easier with our standard turn-lock or patented IMS push/pull lock. Designed with gloved hands in mind, our IMS lock will save time and energy: Pulling on the handle unlocks the slide to extend it, and pushing on the handle closes the slide so you are always working with momentum, never pushing or pulling against it. That means less time getting equipment, more time using it.

Custom built at no extra cost.

Each SlideMaster is custom built to your specifications. All we need to create the perfect SlideMaster for you is the length and width of the space it will be occupying, how much weight you will be loading on it, how far you would like it to extend and what you will be using it for primarily.