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AM2-TB Toolboard

Compartment Depth *

Enter the exact depth of the compartment or truck bed to the nearest 1/4″.

Compartment Width *

Toolboards come in two widths determined by the position of the mounting feet. To minimize the width of your tool board, choose mounting feet inside. If room is available, using outside mounting feet can make installation faster and easier.

Slide Lock *


Shims are extra material under the mounting foot to make sure the slide can get over tailgates that don’t lay flat, lips on compartment doors, or other obstruction. Most pickup truck slides need a 1″ shim to make sure the slide doesn’t hit the tailgate when extended. Shim pricing will be determined by your salesperson once the quote request is submitted.

In what type of vehicle will you be installing your slide?

Tell us more about how you plan to use your SlideMaster. Also, please use this space to provide any additional info or special requests.

Tray width over 40″

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Aluminum tool board slides allow you to utilize vertical space for tall compartments.

> Aluminum construction resists the elements
> 70% extension at 700lb capacity
> 75% extension at 550lbs capacity
> 80% extension at 400lbs capacity
> Deck Height: 2 13/16″