Make your truck bed work for you

Custom bed slides tailored to your needs

Our products have enabled fire, police, and EMTs to work smarter, faster, and with less hassle for nearly 30 years.

With many models and custom options to choose from, there is a SlideMaster for every vehicle and application.

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Your needs aren't cookie-cutter. Your truck bed slide shouldn't be either.

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> Our most popular model
> For beds up to 8'
> 1,000lb capacity


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> Resistant to corrosion
> 70% extension
> 1,600lb capacity


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> Resistant to corrosion
> 1,200lb capacity/full extension
> Smooth, quiet operation


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> Heavy Duty
> Great for diesel trucks
> Available in lengths over 8'


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> 2,500lb capacity
> Electric drive
> Makes big jobs easy


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> Most popular HD slide
> Electric drive


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Get the most out of your truck with custom slide out bed storage from SlideMaster

Every SlideMaster is custom-built to fit the specific needs of you and your vehicle. We offer a wide range of steel and aluminum models with weight capacities ranging from 200 to 2,500lbs, and extensions from 70-125%.

Any truck, any application.

There’s a truck for every job, and a SlideMaster for every truck. We offer a wide range of customizable carrying capacities and extensions to meet your needs. Want the job to be even easier? When manual operation doesn’t cut it upgrade to electrically powered slides in both steel and aluminum. With the capability and experience to custom-build a truck bed slide for any need, we can ensure all of your gear is easy to access in all situations.

Less time gathering your gear, more time using it.

Whether using our standard turn-lock, or our patented IMS push/pull lock, accessing your cargo has never been easier. Our IMS lock is designed to save time and energy: Pulling on the handle unlocks the slide to extend it, and pushing on the handle closes the slide so you are always working with the slide, never pushing or pulling against your momentum.

Simplify loading and unloading. Get more done!

Access the full length and width of your compartment with a simple twist or pull of a handle. No more jumping in the back of your truck or reaching over the sides to try and reach your items. Spend more time working and less time searching.

Robust, durable construction — slides built to last!

With a limited lifetime warranty, you can rest easy knowing your slide is going to work today, tomorrow, and years down the line. If you do experience a problem, we stand behind our products and will get you back on the road and into action as fast as possible.

Custom built at no extra cost.

Each SlideMaster is custom built to your specifications. All we need to create the perfect SlideMaster for you is the length and width of the space it will be occupying, how much weight you will be loading on it, how far you would like it to extend and what you will be using it for primarily.